About Us

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Blackswoods Boys are an acoustic duo featuring CJ Perry and Tim Moorhouse.

Formed in 2011, the band gets it name from an unpsoiled area of woods, mountains and lakes, through which a winding road brings you to the small town of Harrington, Maine, where Perry was born and raised, and Moorhouse, a native Englishman, resides with his wife Gail on a saltwater farm.

The unique sound of Blackswoods Boys was cemented during a road trip to Nashville in the spring of 2012. The duo performed at several writers' nights, (The Commodore, Bobby's Idle Hour) and were asked to return for a second trip. Althought nothing can beat the exhilaration of performing in Nashville, Blackswoods Boys play out in Maine whenever they can (Dogfish Bar and Grille, Ri-Ra's irish Pub).

Perhaps what sets the duo apart from the usual grind is the richness of their original songs inspired by life in Maine and love of the road. The two have found a way to combine their divergent musical paths; Perry growing up on the good ol' country music of Hank Williams and the unique rock of the White Stripes, while Moorhouse was heavily influenced by the 'white boy' blues of Clapton and Page, and was lead guitarist in several bands playing classic British blues rock.

After initially dubbing around with electric guitars, Blackswoods Boys settled into an acoustic act, with a pure sound with nothing to hide behind. With just acoustic guitars and vocals the music of Blackswoods Boys is nothing but raw emotion.

Perry is a highly skilled carpenter, taking his work all over Maine, New England and the distant corners of the United States. Moorhouse is an accomplished architect and a carpenter, with architectural projects worldwide. The two often work on carpentry projects together - carpenters by day, musicians by night.

Perry and Moorhouse are working on their first album 'Long Johns and Love Songs', which they intend to complete during 2014.